Answered By: Jennifer Bazeley
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Q: Is Lean Library Access compatible with Zotero Connector?
Answered by: Jennifer Bazeley

If you are a Zotero Connector user, please note that enabling Zotero's proxy redirection setting may result in conflicting access information displaying in the Lean Library Access extension and the Zotero Connector extension.

We recommend that users of both Zotero Connector and Lean Library Access disable Zotero's proxy redirection.

To disable Zotero's proxy redirection (for most browsers):

  • Right click on the Zotero Connector extension icon in the browser bar and navigate to the "Proxies" tab.
  • Uncheck the box "Enable proxy redirection".

This feature can be easily re-enabled if you stop using the Lean Library Access extension.

To start using Lean Library Access, see "What is Lean Library Access, and why would I want to use it?".


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