Answered By: Jennifer Bazeley
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Q: What is Lean Library Access, and why would I want to use it?
Answered by: Jennifer Bazeley

Yale Library is offering a trial to current Yale University faculty, students, and staff to the Lean Library Access browser extensionTrial access begins in August 2021 and runs through February 2022. Ongoing access depends on community feedback.

Lean Library Access makes it easier for you to connect to library-licensed research materials if you start your research somewhere other than the library website (Google Scholar or a publisher’s website, for example). While you are off-campus or off of Yale's network, the extension notifies you when you are on a website that contains content the library subscribes to.

You'll be prompted to authenticate through Yale's CAS. Once you are logged in, the extension icon in your browser bar will glow green if the library provides access. Then, it’s just a single click to open the site and get access to the library-licensed resources. A grey icon means that Yale University Library does not have a subscription to the content.

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