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Q: I submitted a print job to the printer but it isn’t showing up in my print queue. Why? (for Yale NetID users)
Answered by: Ro Ross

When you submit jobs to the printer, make sure you select “BluePrint_BW” for black and white printing or “BluePrint_Color” for color printing. You will see the distinction between the two at the end of the printer name. The computer should then give you a pop-up message in the bottom right corner informing you that your print job is being held in a queue. For larger documents, there may be a few seconds delay as the job uploads to the print server.

When you receive this notice, your job should appear in the print queue at any print cluster on campus, ready for printing.

If you do not receive the notice or your print job does not appear within a few minutes, there may be a communication problem between the BluePrint server and the computer from which you sent the document. Try to print from a different computer. You will not lose funds for sending the print job to the printer more than once.

Another solution is to try the online WebPrint option on the PaperCut website. Follow the instructions detailed on this page.

If you continue to encounter problems, please contact BluePrint by phone at (203)436-9640 or by email at After 5PM and on weekends, contact Cluster Support at  


For more information about the BluePrint/PaperCut print system, please visit the PaperCut Frequently Asked Questions page.

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  1. Make sure when selecting a printer that it is all campus queues and that it ends with BW for black & white.
    by stepkelin on Sep 04, 2015.

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