Answered By: Ro Ross
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Q: I submitted a print job to the printer but it isn’t showing up in my print queue. Why? (for non-NetID users with a guest account)
Answered by: Ro Ross

The temporary computer login you obtain from the Sterling service desk differs from your PaperCut username. Because the BluePrint printers use the username of the computer login, you cannot print directly from the computer. Instead, you must log into your PaperCut account and upload the files to the print queue. You may also use this method to print from a personal computer.

To upload a print job to the print queue:

1. Log into your PaperCut account (, click "Web Print", then "Submit a Job".


2. Select the printer "Yale - All Campus Print Queues", then scroll down to click the green "2. Print Options and Account Selection" button.

3. Select how many copies you would like to print - the default is one - then click "3. Upload Documents".

4. Click "Upload from computer" and choose the documents you would like to print. You may select multiple documents at one time. Click "Upload & Complete".

The next webpage will update the submissions in real-time over the next several seconds. When your documents are ready to be printed, you will see the status change to "Held in a queue". You can also check the status of your print submissions on the "Jobs Pending Release" webpage.

If both the PaperCut website and the printer queue do not confirm your print job, please contact BluePrint by phone at (203)436-9640 or by email at After 5PM and on weekends, contact Cluster Support at


For more information about the BluePrint/PaperCut print system, please visit the BluePrint Homepage.

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