Answered By: Laura Sider
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Q: What can I do in LUX?
Answered by: Laura Sider

Using LUX, you can discover objects and resources in libraries, cultural heritage and natural history collections across Yale, and the connections between them. You can then use LUX to explore further relationships with the people, places, concepts, and events connected to the items you find. 

•    Explore Yale's collections of objects related to armor and the representations of armor.
•    See Objects collected by, and works about, James Jackson Jarves.
•    Learn more about Dura Europos and collections in Yale’s museums and libraries.

Use LUX to start your research, expand your research scope, or simply satisfy your curiosity about Yale's broad collections. You may be interested in LUX to help identify objects and their locations before planning a visit to Yale. You may be interested in LUX to start exploring materials in Yale's collections. Whatever you decide to use LUX for, it will complement nicely the resources you find outside of LUX in library and museum databases.     LUX is for anyone and everyone to: study, learn, explore, discover, teach, and share.

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