Answered By: Laura Sider
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Q: Where can I find information on the status of my BorrowDirect Requests?
Answered by: Laura Sider

You can check the status of your Borrow Direct requests here.

"Awaiting Reshare Search" means that your request has been submitted but not matched to an item in BorrowDirect.

"Request Sent" means your request has been matched to an item (or items) amongst our BorrowDirect partners but has not been accepted for fulfillment.

"Request Finished" means your request is will be available for pickup soon, available for pickup or is charged to your account. You will get an email once the item is available for pickup at your selected hold shelf or it will be mailed to your address if you opted for the delivery option. Check you "My Library Account (Orbis) to see if the item is on hold for you or is already checked out to your account.

Note: Once your request has been accepted and is either being prepared to ship or has shipped, it will no longer be in the "Requests in Process" queue on the Main Menu. Click "Request History" on the panel on the left for more information about your requests.


You will see a list of all items that have been requested as well as their status.

To see a more complete history of the status of a request, click the request number.

You will see the different stages of the request as well as their dates and times of initiation or completion.


**If we cannot fill your request through BorrowDirect, we will try to borrow the item through another fulfillment method such as interlibrary loan. If you see an entry in your item tracking that says “Awaiting Unfilled Processing” proceeded by a status of “Request Sent” then we are exploring other fulfillment methods for your request.

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