Answered By: Laura Galas
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Q: Where can I find peer reviewed articles?
Answered by: Laura Galas

To find scholarly, peer reviewed articles when using library resources - such as Quicksearch Articles+ or a database - you will generally have the option to filter for peer-reviewed articles.

  • After conducting a search, look for a filter labeled "peer-reviewed" or "scholarly." See below for examples.

Note: if you do not see a "scholarly" or "peer-reviewed" filter option, it may mean that the resource is entirely made up of scholarly content (such as JSTOR or ScienceDirect) or because scholarly does not apply to the content included (such as in a database like ARTstor).

Good to know: Google Scholar does not provide the option to filter for peer reviewed content because not everything in Google Scholar is scholarly.

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Screenshot of the filter options from Academic Search Premier.Screenshot of the filter options from Quicksearch Articles+.







Image 1 & 2: Examples of the scholarly and peer-reviewed filter options from Academic Search Premier (left) and Quicksearch Articles+ (right).


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