Answered By: Laura Sider
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Q: I'm trying to connect to a database but I'm being prompted for a login and password. What should I do?
Answered by: Laura Sider

You should not be prompted for a login when you connect to our databases.

If you are on campus, make sure you are connected to Yale Secure.

If you are off campus, download the Virtual Private network, a tool that registers your computer's IP address with the Yale network. Once this is installed and running, you will be recognized as a valld Yale affiliate and have full access to our electronic resources. More information is available here:

If you are connected to Yale Secure or have logged into VPN but cannot access Yale Library electronic resources, try clearing the cache and cookies on your computer and then restarting VPN using the instructions below:

1.       Close out of your current browser sessions and log out of the VPN.  

2.       Clear your cache and cookies* before restarting the VPN. Click here for a guide on how to do this.

3.       Log onto the VPN and open a new browser session.

4.       You can test your VPN connection by going to this website:  

If you have already cleared your cache and checked your VPN connection and still can’t access this page, you may want to try another web browser.

*What does clearing my cache and cookies do?

If you are still experiencing difficulty, please contact

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