Answered By: Laura Galas
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Q: What is EPUB? How do I view a publication with an EPUB file extension?
Answered by: Laura Galas

EPUB is the standard file format for e-books that enables them to be downloaded and read on a number of devices. You can recognize an EPUB e-book by its file extension, .epub.

An EPUB file may be used on a dedicated e-reader device or by installing an e-reader app or other software on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. A key feature of the EPUB format is that it is optimized for different devices and displays, making for a better reading experience.

There are many ways to use an EPUB file.  You will need to have one of the following:

·         A computer with reading software, such as Adobe Digital Editions, installed

·         An eReader that is compatible with the EPUB format, such as a Kobo

·         A smart phone or tablet with a reading app, such as Bluefire Reader, installed

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