Answered By: Jenn Nolte
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Q: How do I request an item in Quicksearch?
Answered by: Jenn Nolte

You can request items from Quicksearch Books+.

To start, select an item from your search results, which will take you to the availability details.

  • The location, call number, and availability of the item are noted in the 'Available from" box on the right.
  • In the example below, the item is located in Bass Library, it is not checked out, and both request and scanning services are available for the item.
  • To request an item to be delivered to a specific library location, select "Request for pick up"
  • To request an article or chapter scan, select "Request scan of article/chapter."

NOTE: Not every item in Quicksearch Books+ can be requested or scanned. If you encounter an item that you know should be available for these services, please report the problem at

A screenshot of the "Available from" box in Quicksearch Books+ showing request and scan options available.

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