Answered By: Kelly Blanchat
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Q: When I look at articles in Google Scholar, sometimes I see that the article has been cited by other authors. Is that important?
Answered by: Kelly Blanchat

The "Cited by" option in Google Scholar displays a list of articles and documents that have cited a particular article or document (see image below). This feature can help you identify related or important material in a scholarly conversation.

However, these "Cited by" references only include articles indexed within Google Scholar, so they might be a subset of the full citation count if a publication or database important to your field is not included in the index.

Other databases, like Web of Science, can give you a more comprehensive view of a scholarly conversation and related citations. Cited by numbers do not stand on their own, however, because factors like discipline, publication, and time are important, too.

Reach out to a Subject Specialist librarian to learn more about the impact factors within your field of study.

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