Answered By: Laura Galas
Last Updated: May 19, 2023     Views: 663

Q: I am traveling internationally and will need access to Yale's resources while I'm away. What are my options now that MFA is in place?
Answered by: Laura Galas

If you are traveling internationally and need to connect to Yale secure sites, the Virtual Private Network (VPN), or to your webmail, you will need to authenticate using DUO.

If your smart phone/cell phone has service/data, you can continue to receive prompts or SMS passcodes from DUO Security.

If you cannot use your cell phone to receive a prompt or a pass code through SMS, you can authenticate without a phone.

Using the DUO app:

  1. Tap the key icon to generate a pass code.
  2. Enter the pass code into the pass code field on the DUO security page.










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