Answered By: Jenn Nolte
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Q: What's the difference between a book and an online book in Quicksearch?
Answered by: Jenn Nolte
book is a print book, it is a physical thing that is in the world. It is represented in Quicksearch Books+ with a book icon that reads, "Books" (example below).

An online book is an electronic version of a print book, accessible on the internet and usually licensed (or paid for) by Yale University Library. An online book is represented in Quicksearch Books+ with a book icon and the word "Book and a world icon with the text, "Online" (example below).

Similarly, print journals and newspapers are represented with an icon of an article and the words, "Journals & Newspapers," and online journals and newspapers include an additional world icon and the word, "Online" (examples below).

See the Quicksearch documentation site ( for more information.

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