Answered By: Kelly Blanchat
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Q: Do I have access to the Financial Times online?
Answered by: Kelly Blanchat

Yes, if you are currently a Yale student, staff or faculty member, you have access to the Financial Times.

Note: Access is not available to YNHH employees.

To access, go to the Yale Library website and select “Journals" beneath the Quicksearch menu (see image 1 below).

  • You are now at a location where you can search for the library's subscriptions to online journals, including newspapers. 
  • Search for “Financial Times” (see image 2)
  • For access to, select either "Financial Times (North American ed.)" or ("Financial Times (London ed.)" and follow the link for "Financial Times" (see image 3)
    • If you'd like access to the Financial Times through a library database (for PDF access or for advanced search capabilities), select any of the other database listings and take note of the coverage years.

For information on creating an account, see our FAQ, "How can I access current issues of the Financial Times?"

For information on using the Financial Times mobile app, see our FAQ, "Can I download and use the Financial Times app?"

If you are having trouble connecting to electronic resources, contact us

A screenshot of the Yale Library website, with "Journals" highlighted

A screenshot of the Online Journals search page, with "Financial Times" entered in the search bar.

A screenshot showing availability of the Financial Times at Yale Library.

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