Answered By: Jordan Relevo
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Q: I have a block on my account. Why?
Answered by: Jordan Relevo

Fall 2020

At this time, we are not recalling books because so many library users are away from campus and unable to return items to campus. If you need a book that is currently checked out, please submit a purchase request, and we will try to obtain an electronic copy for you.


There are a few reasons why you might have a block on your account:


You may have exceeded your fines limit. The fines limits are as follows:

  • Faculty, Summer Faculty, Graduate, Undergraduate and Summer students have a maximum fines limit of $50.00
  • Staff, Alumni-Standard, Alumni Premium and Affiliates have a maximum fines limit of $25.00

To remove a block from your account due to exceeding your fines limit you can visit the Privileges Office located in the Sterling Memorial Library Nave or to charge by phone you can call the Privileges Office at 203-432-1775.

Overdue Recalled Item

If you have a book charged out on your account that has been recalled you have 10 days to return that book. After 10 days the booked is marked as overdue recalled and your account will have a block on it. To resolve the issue you need to return the book that has been recalled.

Overdue Reserve Book

If you have a 24 hour or 3 Day reserve book charged out and it is overdue you will have a block on your account.

Your Account

Your account may not be up to date or may be expired.


For assistance in resolving these problems you can contact or visit the Privileges Office (203-432-1775) located in the nave of the Sterling Memorial Library.

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