Answered By: Laura Galas
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Q: What changes were made to the nave in Sterling Memorial Library during the 2013-2014 renovation?
Answered by: Laura Galas

All surfaces in the nave – stone, wood, and glass – were thoroughly cleaned and repaired wherever necessary. Modern heating, cooling, and lighting systems were incorporated into the nave. The three library services of Circulation, Information, and Privileges were combined from separate desks to form a single service desk in the north aisle of the nave, overlooking the Selin Courtyard. The built-in extensions of the card catalog in the south aisle were removed, and in the remaining open space soft seating and tables for study and reading were installed, along with computer workstations. The area behind the former circulation desk was renovated to provide space for self-service options for users: self-service check-out, self-service hold shelves, scanners, workstations, and printers. Finally, a new desk at the High Street entrance upgraded the ability of security staff to ensure the safety of library users and collections.

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