Answered By: Jessica Bower
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Q: How long will it take for an Interlibrary loan request to get to me?
Answered by: Jessica Bower

The length of time required for an interlibrary loan request to be filled depends on many factors, among which are the quality and quantity of the information provided, the number of libraries that own the material and where they are located, how many other requests the ILL departments (at Yale and at the other library/ies) have.  Scans can arrive in as little as a few days or come months after the request is submitted.   The majority of loans generally arrive within 1-3 weeks.  However, if what you want to borrow is held by only one library and the book is checked out or, for another example, if it is only owned by libraries in Italy, then you should expect to wait longer for your item.

Interlibrary Loan will attempt to get the items for up to one year, querying libraries systematically until they find one which can lend out the book.   If there is a date after which you will no longer need the book, please let us know when you make the initial request by specifying it on the “Not Wanted After Date” option on the initial form.

You can also cancel your request by going to the main menu of your ILL account and clicking “cancel” under “Requests in Process.”  

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