Answered By: Laura Galas
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Q: What is Yale Classification?
Answered by: Laura Galas

"Yale Classification" is one of the systems we use at Yale Library to organize books.

Books in the library are categorized based on their subject area and assigned a unique "call number," a combination of letters and numbers that help us locate the book in the library stacks and also group the item with items on similar topics. Yale classification call numbers typically have both upper and lowercase letters. See below for some examples, including a screenshot from Quicksearch:

AA89 L121 

Y64 1 926a+ Oversize

Items with Yale Classification are typically older. Newer books are classified using Library of Congress classification. See our FAQ "What does 'LC' mean?" for information on Library of Congress classification.

Email or stop by the service desk in Sterling Memorial Library for assistance finding your book.







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