Answered By: Laura Sider
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Q: Can I view the Voynich Manuscript?
Answered by: Laura Sider

Given the manuscript's fragility, the large number of research requests, and the Beinecke Library's responsibility to preserve the manuscript intact for future generations, the Library has restricted access to the Voynich manuscript.  The Beinecke Library has made high-resolution scans of the entire manuscript available for research, and these can be found at: to 

General information about the Voynich Manuscript and related material at the Beinecke may be found here:


Scholars requesting access to the original manuscript for their research should submit a proposal to the curator, Raymond Clemens, at: Proposals should contain a description of the project, explaining why access to the original is necessary, and should demonstrate the scholarly contribution which the research project will offer (e.g. plans for publication in a peer-reviewed journal or by a university press). The Beinecke will make the manuscript available for research only in exceptional circumstances, and researchers are encouraged to consult the scans and other scholarship on the manuscript before submitting a proposal.

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