Answered By: Julie Linden
Last Updated: Aug 04, 2021     Views: 1891

Q: I'm trying to access Global Financial Data and it says I need to login. Does Yale have access?
Answered by: Julie Linden

Global Financial Data requires that you either login anonymously, or create an account for full access. Yale subscribes, and there is no charge to you for either type of access.

  • If you login anonymously, you can search the database, access individual data series and graph individual series.
  • If you login with your username and password, you can also access your personalized home page, which helps you to customize your access, and download multiple series into a single worksheet.

To gain personal access to Global Financial Data, please create your own account. You must use your university email address in creating the account.

You must be on the Yale network or using VPN both to create your account and to log into the database. Any account created outside of the university will not be activated. Logins outside of the university’s server will not receive access.

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