Answered By: Ned Pocengal
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Q: Where can I find statistics on Congressional elections?
Answered by: Ned Pocengal
  • Historical Statistics of the United States (Yale subscription)
    Section Eb, Elections and Politics, includes tables of House elections by party, 1896-2000, and Senate votes by party, 1912-2000.
  • CQ's Vital Statistics on American Politics (Yale subscription)
    Various tables, including "House and Senate Election Results, by Congress, 1788-2004"
  • Yale's Social Science Data Archive has datasets that include House election returns for every election from 1992 to 2004. The datasets are designed to be used within statistical software are available in the Social Science Data Archive. Search StatCat, Yale's data catalog, by title: presidential results by congressional district. (Despite the title, the datasets do include House results, although not Senate.)

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