Answered By: Jeremy Garritano
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Q: I want to know how members of Congress voted on a particular bill.
Answered by: Jeremy Garritano
  •'s U.S. Congress Votes Database (102nd Congress [1991]-present) See votes on particular bills, all votes for a particular member of Congress, votes with wide or narrow margins, late-night votes, most-voted-on bills, vote-missers, and more. Very current. Allows users to set up RSS feeds.
  • Office of the Clerk, House of Representatives (Roll Call votes: 101st Congress, 2nd session [1990]-present)
  • Senate Votes (101st Congress, 1st session [1989]-present
  • 106th Congress [1999]-present) Includes other information about legislation and members of Congress, including campaign finance information. Allows users to set up "monitors" for online tracking and notification of activity for every person, bill, subject term,  or committee in Congress.
  • Combines bill texts and legislative voting records, supporting and opposing interests for each bill, and campaign contribution data. Allows users to see contributions  from interests supporting and opposing specific bills; average donations given to legislators, and how those legislators voted on specific bills; timeline of contributions and votes for each bill, identifying when legislators received donations before or after their vote.
  • ProQuest Congressional (100th Congress, 2nd session [1988]-present) Choose Legislative Histories, Bills & Laws; Keyword Search; select Floor Votes radio button
  • Roll call votes are recorded in Congressional Record, available online from the following sources (dates of coverage vary):

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