Answered By: Tanya Allen
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Q: Is there a way to speed up the Interlibrary Loan process?
Answered by: Tanya Allen

· Make sure to provide the ISBN number. 

· The “OCLC” Accession Number (found near the bottom of Worldcat records) is also helpful when put into the “Notes” field.

· In the “Notes” field, provide any other details that might help locate the book.

· If the book is listed as having come out in the previous year, make sure that it has actually been published--as publication dates are subject to change. ( If you find the book in Worldcat, please check to see whether the record lists page numbers or size.  If it doesn’t, the book probably has not been published yet.  You might double-check the actual publication date through )

· If the book was published in the last year, you may get it faster by asking the Yale Library to buy it via their Purchase Request Form.   

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