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Why have I suddenly lost access to the eBook I was reading?

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2017  |  22 Views

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There are two reasons you may suddenly lose access to an eBook.

1) Some eBook providers (such as Ebook Central, Ebsco, or Overdrive) set limits on the amount of time an eBook can be used.   Loan periods are put into place to protect the interests of the publisher. These limits are part of an e-book’s Digital Rights Management (DRM), and are most often seen with third-party providers (such as Ebook Central and EBSCO). 

To regain access to an eBook that has expired, return to where you found the book and download it again.

2) Some providers remove content when a licensing agreement is up for renegotiation with a publisher. Access may or may not be restored depending on the agreement the content provider and the publisher company reach.

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